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We bring the soap.
You bring the water.
Say hello to the next generation of convenient hand-washing. No washing station or bathroom in sight? Not a problem. Our Portable Hand-Washing Soap Paper brings sanitary convenience to you, your family, and friends wherever you are.
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Why is this soap paper so good?
Each case contains 20 sheets; one per hand-wash.
Suitable for all anyone for on-the-go sanitization.
Pocket-sized cases come in different colors for a fun variety.
Each soap sheet dissolves instantly in water and lathers to foam.
Cases are compact and easy to carry.
A bulk solution for ultra convenience
With on purchase, you get 100 sheets of our soap paper in total. This means these sheets will last you or your family for a long time. it’s super convenient to take a pack to work, keep one at home, keep one in your purse or car, etc. The possibilities are endless when it’s convenient (just remember, you need water to activate the soap).
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Handy and compact
Each case measures 1.7 x 2.4 in (L x W) and weighs 0.5 oz per case, so you can keep a pack anywhere without bulk or burden. When hand sanitizers won’t do the trick (or you just want a deeper, fuller clean), you’ve got our soap sheets. Give one to everyone in the family.
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Five beautiful colors
(get ‘em all)
Our cases are made in five vivid colors: pink, orange, blue, purple, and yellow. Note that all soap sheets are the same scent and formula. Your order will contain a random assortment of the cases.
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38 Reviews For This Product

  1. 38

    by K***

    I used to buy these a decade ago at gas stations to keep in my purse. No where sells them now due to hand sanitizer I’m pretty sure. Sometimes hand sanitizer doesn’t cut it though. Like after using a public restroom and the dispensers are out of soap or a road trip where your kid pukes in the backseat and you have to clean it up. Hand sanitizer ain’t cutting it lol. These have no smell other than like a basic Castille soap smell kind of. One sheet produces a ton of suds with very little water. Like VERY LITTLE WATER. which is nice in case all you have is a bottle of water in the car or whatever. My hands rinse clean and feel really soft. This pack has a ton of sheets. I give packs to random family members to keep in their purses too because I can’t use them all in a timely fashion.

  2. 38

    by M***a

    I bought a 5-pack of these in preparation for a family trip to India. One each in my wife’s, my two daughters’ and my bags, as access to clean water and soap can be difficult in many areas we planned to travel. This product is not overly complicated: Open up the case, slide out a sheet, wet hands and the sheet, rub hands vigorously and then rinse. I can attest these work as intended, and as a result my hands are (or were) clean.

    I found them to be a useful item to carry along with us, as they were lightweight, included a case and got the job done. Having returned from our travels, I combined the remaining sheets into 3 cases, then placed one each in our vehicles. I recognize one doesn’t need to travel abroad to benefit from this product. So, I plan to keep some of these around for when some clean-up is necessary and the means are not made readily available from other sources. I recommend these to anyone traveling abroad or wishing to provide themselves with an option when they’re out and about. Good product at a reasonable cost.

  3. 38

    by A***y

    I ordered these for a trip to Israel. The bathrooms in Europe are sometimes questionable and not always well stocked. They were perfect! Small enough for pocket or purse and certainly works well in a backpack. The paper turns to soap as soon as liquid hits it so be careful not to get the pack wet. You could keep it in a ziplock bag if camping, hiking or near water The soap rinses well and didn’t seem to dry my hands out as much as other soaps do, although I always use moisturizer after washing.

  4. 38

    by V***v

    My Sister ordered for her birthday trip to China and blessed me with one of the disposable soaps. My daughter went to a restroom that was out of soap and I was able to use it. Perfect to have no matter where you are in the world.

  5. 38

    by O***a

    This is SO good. I love that the sheets of soap are so thin! It is definitely going to be a repeat buy. I live in a major city and it is critical to wash hands frequently [even pre pandemic]. The quality is good. There is no scent, really. If you need to wash your hands on the go, just take a water bottle and maybe one of those water activated towels.
    But, this is small enough to fit inside your purse, not a wallet.

  6. 38

    by N***n

    Love these!!! Sturdy package and they close without a problem. Only thing I was meh on is the smell… It’s very much a classic soap bar smell. Not bad in any way, but I prefer more perfumey or floral scents.

  7. 38

    by A***s

    Smooth, pleasant kind of container. Snaps well. Inside the soap. When water gets “melts”. No smell.

  8. 38

    by P***s

    Very competitively priced, I love the scent, and it’s useful for anything that needs washing: clothes, dishes, hands, body, hair, etc. the portable size means you can carry one around anywhere, and since they’re not liquid, they’re TSA compliant. The different colors of the containers are fun, and can be used to identify which belongs to whom. I really like these and will buy again.

  9. 38

    by K***s

    They come in handy when you travel a lot. I would recommend it to everyone.

  10. 38

    by F***s

    Very handy to have when traveling

  11. 38

    by M***s

    Really like these portable soap containers.

  12. 38

    by L***s

    Just perfect for our campers and fishermen and mom with little ones

  13. 38

    by K***c

    Compact and easy to use. Fits great in pocketbook

  14. 38

    by K***c

    Love these for your purse or pocket!

  15. 38

    by Customer

    It is the useful thing to have in your purse, so convenient when you travel or you find yourself in a place without soap and there are plenty of them. I really recommend this item and this shop.

  16. 38

    by Customer

    This will come in handy when there no soap in Public places.

  17. 38

    by A***a

    Very compact and useful. I recommend the store and the goods!!

  18. 38

    by A***a

    All OK, number of petals 20 PCs. very foamy. Easy to wash off. Thank you, I recommend.

  19. 38

    by Y***a

    It came without damage, everything is packed. soap is nice, odorless.

  20. 38

    by D***

    Everything is well packed. Nice smell. Very convenient thing. Went a little over a month

  21. 38

    by V***a

    Not immediately melts, but in general it is convenient. The lid opens and snaps back

  22. 38

    by K***a

    They work as advertised. Keep product in the plasic “bag” inside if you live in a humid area..

  23. 38

    by U***r

    It got it today and it works great I love it just like the picture

  24. 38

    by M***a

    The idea is good, but I did not really like soap.

  25. 38

    by D***y

    These are perfect they lather up well I’ve had call to use them as there is not always any hand wash in public toilets

  26. 38

    by O***s

    Very nice soap. Hot water is well washed off. Compact, suitable even for a small handbag. Convenient in shopping centers or polyclinics.

  27. 38

    by M***s

    The soap sheets work well, as described
    My only complaint is that they are way too expensive, in my opinion. I would have liked at least 10 mini boxes.

  28. 38

    by A***a

    I bought this since I was traveling to the Philippines and some bathrooms there did not have soap. Small and compact and light so easy to carry in my bag. The only problem I had with this was that it was hard to dissolve so took longer for you to fully was all the soap off your hands.

  29. 38

    by N***a

    Bought these for our “go bags” – hands must be DRY to get a sheet out of the case, otherwise they’ll all mush together.

  30. 38

    by A***a

    I advise!! Delivery two and a half weeks!! Everything corresponds to the description!! I will order more!! Recommend!!

  31. 38

    by A***a

    Soap is cool. Smells like classic baby soap. Soap Dish is easily opened and closed. Snaps hard. It will fit standard road soap when these soap runs out. Very satisfied with the purchase. The goods are quality.

  32. 38

    by O***v

    I thought it would come in multiple different colors

  33. 38

    by O***n

    You have to wash your hands quite a long time to disolve the soap. I have tried others that work much better but other than that they work ok.

  34. 38

    by Q***b

    Convenient and small. Easy to use. I keep a pack in my car together with a bottle of water so that I can wash my hands when I get back into my car After doing groceries to disinfect my hands. The sheets can get stuck together sometimes. So that’s the 4 star rating.

  35. 38

    by A***a

    This is a great product took lots of water to get all the soap off for all 4 members of my family. However it did a great just washing just Stuck to your hand in a spot of two that required additional water to scrub off where it was stuck. Get to use when we are out and about these and a bottle of water.

  36. 38

    by P***a

    Nice product. Doesn’t have any fragrance though

  37. 38

    by J***n

    It works the way it says it would, but it smelled pretty weird. But would still be convenient in an emergency I guess.

  38. 38

    by A***d

    Very fast shipping. Soap paper smells nice. Thank you for a great product and an unbeatable price.

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Portable Hand-Washing Soap Paper (5 Packs/100 Sheets)